Our Services

Permanent and Fixed Term Recruitment

With a great deal of time and money going into hiring staff, it is essential to find the right person. At Pillar Recruitment, we ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of both the required skills and the company culture to find this fit.

Contracting Recruitment

Understanding hard and soft skills is key when recruiting for a Contractor. Pillar Recruitment works hard to get this right, ensuring our Contractors hit the ground running and can deliver to our clients. We pride ourselves on the long-standing relationships we hold with contractors across New Zealand who trust Pillar to provide them with meaningful work.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments provide a rounded view of a candidate, revealing their logical processes, aptitude for problem-solving, and ability to interpret and analyse a range of data. Additionally, it provides insight into their personality traits, integrity and how they may fit into an existing team. This insight grants clients and candidates the confidence they have found the right fit.

  • Perspectives Personality
    This assessment provides a full spectrum of an individual’s natural tendencies and preferences against ten core behaviours. It measures their ability to build new relationships, comfort with leading others, approach to planning and prioritising, natural attention to detail, problem-solving, decision-making style, openness to new ideas/comfort with change and ambiguity, the ability to cope with stress/pressure, resilience and drive.
  • Emotional Intelligence
    For a leadership role, the ability to understand, manage, and consider others' feelings and emotions in addition to their own is critical. Emotional intelligence fosters the ability to inspire performance and build an engaged team. Those with high emotional intelligence tend to possess relevant traits such as expansive decision-making, adaptability, influence, coaching, and the ability to work well with others.
  • Critical Reasoning and Ability
    Acumen is our critical reasoning assessment used to identify an individual’s ability to interpret detailed or complex written and numeric material, such as reports, financial information, plans, complex tables and charts. We pair this with our Abstract Reasoning Assessment. This evaluates a candidate’s ability to make sense of new information and novel concepts, along with their likely performance when required to apply or integrate new information, learning, or insights. This combination of ability assessments is recommended for senior leadership or analytical type roles.