Tips on How to Write a CV

Your CV is your first impression and holds the ability to get your foot in the door. There’s no right or wrong way, however, there are some basic tips that allow you to take your skills and experience and tailor them to your desired job.

Here are some tips from us:

  1. Use a template that will allow you to change and edit your CV as a start. When you send your CV to Pillar Recruitment, we ask that you send it to us in Word format as it’s easy to edit.
  2. List all your roles and ensure that you have the dates that you worked in the role, your job title and the employer’s name.
  3. If you have any noticeable gaps in your CV where you may have gone on maternity leave, taken a gap year or gone back to study - make note of this within the CV.
  4. Under each role list your responsibilities. These can often be found in your Job Descriptions.
  5. List any key achievements/successes for each role.
  6. Ensure that you tailor your CV depending on the role that you are applying for. This could be noting relevant experience or technical skills that will apply to the role.
  7. Keep your experience relatively recent. Employers are interested in looking at roles you have worked at within the last 5-15 years.

Lastly, before your CV is sent, please tick the following boxes:

- My CV has been proofread with no spelling or grammatical mistakes

- I don’t have an old email address like

- My CV is tailored to the specific role I am applying for